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How does photovoltaic solar energy work?

Photovoltaic solar energy has come to revolutionize. Through it it is possible to create a decentralized source of electrical energy to supply homes and businesses, without harming the planet and at a much lower cost.

Traditional electricity generation systems are centralized, require a large initial investment and cause irreversible impacts to the environment. Even hydroelectric plants, which use a renewable source of energy, need mega constructions to be erected, often in areas of environmental protection, harming fauna, flora and the local population. Solar energy is not only renewable, it is inexhaustible, it does not occupy a useful area, it reduces the emission of carbon in the atmosphere and it does not affect the local ecosystem. In addition, when producing your own energy, you are free from the constant tariff increases charged by the distributors. See step by step how the electric compensation system created by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) works in practice.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Painel Solar

Photovoltaic panel

The solar panel installed on the roof or in another available location, converts the sun's light energy into electrical current in the form of direct current.

inversor de energia solar fronius


The inverters transform the direct current that arrives from the panel into alternating current and seek the maximum power from the system.

módulos solares


The energy generated directly supplies the property and the production surplus is "saved" in the network in the form of credits.

tela do inversor


At the end of the month, a balance is drawn between energy consumption and production, thus either the consumer pays the difference or accumulates credits.

Análise de gráficos


The credits accumulated during the months are available for consumption for 5 years and can be used in other properties.

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