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Expresso Solar combines sustainability, technological development and operational experience

A team of engineers, technicians and installers exclusive to the solar energy sector, creating updated and innovative solutions to better meet your demand.


Professional qualification

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the field, with more than 50 MW of installed power and is constantly updating itself with the latest in the market.

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Research and Innovation

We take research and innovation seriously and we believe that this is the key to sustainable development in Brazil, which is why we actively participate in congresses, conferences and industry meetings, exposing articles and ideas that aim to leverage and debate the use of renewable energy in parents.

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Projects and Partnerships

We seek to strengthen ties with institutes, universities, foundations, study groups, startup's, NGO's and other public and private agents that strengthen and help develop the sector with quality.

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Social Commitment

Expresso Solar is focused on developing possible paths that make it possible to improve people's quality of life through education and technology. We bring knowledge and technological support to projects in rural areas, communities and settlements.

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